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Excellent content is the key to success in today's digital marketing world. It catches people's attention, motivates purchases, improves your credibility, and helps with search engine optimization (SEO). Here at Copy Carrot, we know that your content needs take many forms, and we are ready to provide great writing for all of them.


SEO Copy

SEO, or search engine optimization, is the key to getting large amounts of traffic from the organic ("free") listings in Google and other search engines. Our writers know how to optimize your web pages, landing pages, sales pages, and other website content so it can appear under specific keywords. Just tell us the keywords, and we'll make sure to tailor our content so it will show up under them. Then, just add some links to your newly-published pages, and they'll be on their way to the number one spots.

Sales Pages

These are much like landing pages, but are often more extensive and detailed. We'll tailor your content to the type of product or service you're selling, and include all of the details you find relevant to your intended audience. With the right information and sales approach, your conversion ratio will surely improve.


Not all site content is advertising. When you want to inform your site's visitors about a topic, look to use for the content. We can create single content pages, write a series about a topic, and more. Our writers are experts at researching and then explaining the discovered information, so we can deliver content for almost any industry with no problems. One of the best ways to keep people coming back to your site is to publish regularly-scheduled blog posts. However, unless you are a writer, it's hard to create all that many of them. You also may not enjoy blogging as an activity.

Social Media Copy

It's easy to spend all day writing posts on social media, especially if you're on several different platforms. The problem is that you also have a business to run, and if you spend all of your time creating posts, important aspects of your company will be neglected. Let us write your social media posts while you focus on more essential matters. Your efficiency will increase, and you'll be able to post content to your followers just by pasting in the updates we create.

Video Copy

Whether you want to promote a product or service, explain the use of a product, or inform your viewers in a more general fashion, you need a professional script. Our writers will make sure you have all of the content you need to go with your visual input, and ensure that your videos are interesting to their intended audiences.

Email Copy

We are experts at the many forms of email marketing. Have us write a four-part informational series, a single report, or an advertisement that will get people clicking over to your site. No matter which way you prefer to use email, we're here to help.


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Copy Carrot helped us with our sales letter for a new product release and in just one month, we brought in over $4k in sales due to their talented team of persuasive writers.

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